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Monthly Archives: April 2018

5 Ways to Win the Game as a Freelance Lawyer

After working for a traditional law firm for several years, finally, you have decided to work for yourself as a consultant solicitor. That’s a great idea. There are very few people who are actually able to live their dreams. Once you start, with determination and the right support, it is possible to ensure awesome results.

Win the Game as a Freelance Lawyer

Finding clients is one of the biggest challenges for freelance lawyers. The market is loaded with stiff competition so you have to work differently to ensure a steady flow of income.

In order to become a successful self-employed solicitor, you need to follow a few tips:

Tip 1: Be flexible with your rates:

In order to win the game as a freelance lawyer, it is important to understand your economic worth in the competitive market. The success of a freelance business completely depends upon how many clients you cater and clients will refer you to their friends only if they are happy with your rates. Also, you need to be selective don’t take on every job that comes your way. You may wish to prepare a list of preferences and factors that are important to you.

Tip 2: Long-term client relationships:

Although, as a freelance lawyer, you will often receive calls from one-off clients, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore long-term relationships. In order to ensure a steady stream of returns, you need to focus on clients that can provide you with long-term projects. Give more priority to your client referrals as they often bring long-term revenues from the competitive market.

Tip 3: Be personal with your work:

As a lawyer, you often need to talk to frustrated and worried clients. In such situations, it is more important to develop a personality where people can relate to you. Treat your clients like people and maintain a close connection to them. When they achieve something, congratulate them, but when they lose then you need to show sympathy towards them. Whether they need your help for some personal issues, financial crises or to handle lost job issues; always try to maintain a human connection with them. This will put you above other lawyers who do not care as much about their clients.

Tip 4: Stay in touch with your clients:

Even if it is not related to business, always maintain a healthy relationship with your clients. Study their needs, their lifestyle and think about how you can stay on top of their mind. You can send your clients a quick message every now and then for the holidays and stay in touch through social media. This will help them remember you and keep you connected.

Tip 5: Be trustworthy:

Be truthful about your abilities and your service quality. It is not good to let clients blindly expect something from you that’s out of your skill set. It is important to develop realistic expectations for your clients and work hard to achieve them.

We hope you found these tips useful and wish you the best of luck in your career in law as a self-employed solicitor!