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Monthly Archives: August 2018

What to look for when Choosing a Lawyer

A lawyer is an advocate who should be capable of fighting on your behalf using any ethical or cost-effective means necessary. There needs to be an open line of communication between you and your attorney. This might be the reason why attorneys are known as “counselors.” You can find great attorneys in various places such as small firms, solo offices, high rise office buildings and also on online lawyer directory sites. In this article, we discuss and highlight some of the essential qualities you need to look for when searching for a great attorney to represent yours in court.


Before anything else, it is essential to look for a lawyer who you feel comfortable in his or her presence. It is crucial to find someone who you can freely open your mind to your problem. You need to feel comfortable in the presence of your counselor. A relationship between you and your attorney which you feel comfortable in will allow you to share the most relevant information your attorney needs to help you win the case at hand.


Another crucial characteristic of a good lawyer is honest, transparent and also an appropriate fee structure. You need to look for an attorney whose price is worth your budget. You don’t want to hire someone who will overcharge you. Small disputes need not have attorneys who are expensive. You also need to confirm with your attorney if his or her bill is by the hour or if it’s a flat fee arrangement. Some attorneys will opt for the flat fee arrangement but add some additional fees. It is important to inquire from your attorney about any additional fees they may want to add. You also need to know that for the lawyer’s advertised fees may fail to include certain fees such as court filing fees or additional fees such as the cost of printing documents concerning your case.

Communication and Availability

Communication is an important aspect of any relationship that exists. If you found your lawyer from a friend, a lawyer directory or a magazine advertisement communication is one important key that will help you and your attorney to win your case. If your case is not short-term, then you will need to stay in contact with your attorney regularly. You need to avoid the type of lawyers that fail to return phone calls or emails promptly. Even though your case may be routine for the lawyer, the case itself is important to you and should be treated as such. An excellent and proven way to test a firm’s communication is by sending them an email on specific questions shortly after your initial visit. If it will take days for the firm to respond to your email, then that means that they are too busy to handle your matter. If they respond in time and with answers, then the chances are that you may have just found the attorney you have been looking for.