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Monthly Archives: April 2017

When Should You Really Hire The Birth Injury Attorney?

For most couples out there having the child is a highly joyous occasion. However, in the event a birth injury appears, things quickly change and become dramatic. Whenever such an injury appears it is important to know if the services of an experienced birth injury attorney are needed or not. Things are simple at first glance but they can quickly become quite complicated.

What Do The Lawyers Handle?

Most of the personal injury lawyers are specialized in some specific injury types. Some will specialize in birth injuries. They take things even further and specialize in specific birth injuries that are really common, like the most common one, cerebral palsy. However, others will focus on cases like spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, brain damage, death, perinatal asphyxia or lacerations.

When Do You Want To Contact A Birth Injury Attorney?

To put it as simple as possible, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. This practically means that in the event you suspect the birth injury to be caused by medical negligence of a third party, it is better to talk with an experienced birth injury attorney. This is a good idea since you can basically have your case analyzed.

Talking with the birth injury attorney has the huge advantage that you could have your case analyzed. You are basically told if there is a case for you or not. If the attorney tells you that you have a case and there truly was a medical negligence causing the injury, the procedures can be started. The problem is there are many injury attorneys out there that are not at all honest with people. This is why it is really important to contact the ones that are actually interested in helping you out.

Finding Really Good Birth Injury Attorneys

Fortunately, this is not at all a difficult task to do. What you basically have to do is to start making a list of those birth injury attorneys that are servicing the area where you live. A simple internet search can easily help you to do this. Focus on those that are basically specialized in birth injuries so you are sure you do not waste time.

After your list is complete it is time to check the reputation and past history of the birth injury attorney. If you see that the attorney has a spotless reputation and great reviews, you can arrange an interview. It is during the interview phase that you should always trust your instincts. If you feel that the personal injury attorney does not have your best interest in mind, you should find someone else.


On the whole, you need to first determine if you have a case and then find a really good birth injury attorney that will represent your best interests. Although there is a statute of limitations on the birth injury cases, this does not mean that you need to make a quick, uninformed choice. Have patience and be sure that the one you hire is truly interested in helping you.

Immigration Lawyer Job Facts To Be Aware Of

Immigration lawyer jobs are not as popular as others so it should come as no surprise to see that not much is known about this specialization. These are lawyers that offer legal and administrative assistance for clients that want to establish an official residence in a nation that is foreign to them. An immigration lawyer can work in different settings, including immigration law clinics, government agencies, corporate offices, general practice law companies and universities.

Immigration lawyers have to be trained in governing immigration laws. Knowledge will be applied to assist clients during the relocation process. At the same time, the attorney is going to represent clients in court. Because this is a sub-specialized law that is complex, the focus is normally put just on this specialization, with possible extras in sub-niches like foreign national employment or marriage-related immigration.

According to the law offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, PC, all people interested in immigration law should remember the following.

Educational Qualification Requirements

Just like with all the professional fields, competition is huge. If you want to become a successful immigration lawyer, you need to first meet the educational requirements. This includes:

  • High school diploma – good scores should appear in social sciences and English.
  • Law bachelor’s degree – it is compulsory to have good GPA.
  • Extra immigration law courses – they are taken when you attend law school. Internships are necessary and can be found in various law agencies after education is finished to improve professional prospects.
  • Hands on experience.
  • State license are needed when opening law firms or a singular practice.

Work Nature

The immigration lawyer that is employed by any agency has to work based on the firm’s respective schedule. Many of the client representation tasks in court will take place during the day. However, research may be needed so long irregular hours can easily appear. In some situations it is conditional or more appropriate to work based on the schedule of the client.

Daily immigration lawyer tasks usually involve:

  • Interacting with high law firm authorities to talk about the cases.
  • Guiding clients.
  • Talk with clients to get as much data as possible about the immigration related issue.
  • Making preparations for court case representation.
  • Taking a case to court with a sound mind and confidence.

Salary Expectations

Just as with most law specializations out there, the salaries for immigration lawyers can vary a lot but they are normally rewarding and there is a really high growth prospect. Normal salary for those immigration attorneys with 1 year experience is of around $55,000 per year. If experience goes over two years it is expected to earn anywhere between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. Salaries will vary based on many different factors like how many cases were handled, geographic location and agency nature. If you set up the private practice yourself, you can normally earn up to $100,000 faster. Obviously, when going from one job to the next, salary increases are normal. You can expect to change jobs at least 3 to 5 times during your career as an immigration lawyer.